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Dil, Speech and Rehabilitation Center

working system

Değerlendirme Seansı

Evaluation sessions are the first sessions. During the session, the child or individual is evaluated individually. After the evaluation, the situation is evaluated with the family if the individual is a child, and with himself if he is older.

Two study programs are established, one treatment and one home. This program is given to the client/family in writing and is explained in detail how to implement it. Short-term and long-term goals are set. A treatment plan specific to individuals and how many times a week they should come; It is formed by taking into consideration the wishes and situation of the individual and the family.

Tedavi Seansları

In treatment sessions, traditional treatment methods are combined with scientific and popular treatment methods used in America and all developed world countries. 

After the sessions, the individual, family and/or caregiver are told what is done during the sessions, how the individual reacts and how he/she develops. After the sessions, the family and/or caregiver are educated about what is done in the sessions and a 'HOME HOMEWORK' is given to the family to generalize the activities applied during the therapy sessions to daily life. 

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