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hearing disorders



Hearing loss can develop congenitally, or it can occur due to some factors.

drug use

Some chemotherapy drugs used in patients undergoing cancer treatment and some drugs that can be defined as diuretics can cause hearing loss.


Tumors or diseases that cause pressure in the head can cause hearing loss.


Loss of sense can occur with age. Especially in people after the age of 40, diseases affecting the inner ear and nerves due to old age can be observed. Infections or metabolic diseases: Infectious diseases such as diabetes or endocrine diseases can also play an important role in hearing loss.

Loud voice

High noise, which threatens people who work in loud places, can cause sudden hearing loss of 95 decibels and above. In addition to these, the following can be counted among the conditions that can cause hearing loss:

  • Viral or bacterial infections

  • Chronic fluid accumulation in the middle ear

  • head injuries

  • abnormal bone growth

  • Stroke

  • genetic attraction

  • Meniere's disease 


Hearing loss can develop gradually or suddenly.  While it often does not cause any symptoms, some patients may experience gradual hearing loss.  Hearing that does not always cause many symptoms If their loss is not treated, the person may lose their hearing ability. Hearing losses may show the following symptoms in some cases.

  • If you often tell people to repeat their sentences

  • If you cannot distinguish sounds in crowded environments

  • If you don't notice the loudness of the sound while watching TV or listening to music and you are warned by your surroundings

  • If you have difficulty following conversations, you may be experiencing hearing loss. If these symptoms persist or recur, you should consult an ear, nose and throat specialist.

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