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articulation disorder



Articulation (pronunciation) disorder,is the incorrect production of speech sounds. (Like the child saying /tedi/ instead of /cat/, /moy/ instead of /mor/). In articulation disorder, the sound that the child cannot produce or produces incorrectly is not included in the vocal repertoire. In order for a speech sound to be produced correctly, the motor movement necessary for that sound production must be performed.


Causes of articulation disorder It can be one of the following, or it can be a result of incorrect learning without being connected to any structural disorder.

  • Hearing Impairment

  • Mouth-facial anomalies (such as cleft lip and palate, dental anomalies)

  • mental disability

  • Motor disorders (apraxia/ dysarthria)

  • Poor imitation ability

  • reinforcement of the environment

  • wrong learning

  • Anatomical-physiological deficiencies



Articulation disorder can be explained by 4 basic symptoms. These; omission, substitution, addition and distortion.

Skipping: The child says only a few of the letters in the words. For example, saying telezon instead of television.

Substitution: The child replaces letters in words with other letters. For example, saying chestnut instead of chestnut.

Addition: Child adds extra letters to words. For example, saying pilyav instead of rice.

Distortion: The child's words are not exactly correct, but close to the truth. For example, saying eppek instead of bread.

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