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special education

The Importance of Early Diagnosis

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf neurodevelopmental difference. Autism is thought to be caused by certain nervous system problems that affect the structure or functioning of the brain. The term autism is sometimes used in this text because of its ease of use for autism spectrum disorder.


What Are the Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

  • Does not make eye contact with others

  • If he doesn't look when you say his name,

  • If he pretends not to hear what is being said,

  • If he doesn't show what he wants with his finger,

  • If he doesn't know how to play with toys,

  • Does not show interest in games played by peers,

  • Says some words repeatedly and in unrelated environments,

  • If he lags behind his peers in speech,

  • If he has strange movements such as swinging, fluttering,

  • If he is overly active, always behaving in his own way,

  • If their eyes are fixed on something,

  • Performs unusual movements such as turning some items or lining them up.

  • If he overreacts to changes in his daily life,

  • It is necessary to evaluate in terms of autism. With early diagnosis and a correct education method, the symptoms of autism can be controlled, development can be achieved, great progress is made in about fifty percent of the children who receive intensive education, and even some children with autism may not be different from their other friends when they reach the age of puberty.

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